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Pentax IQZoom 90 MC 35mm point and shoot

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With the Pentax IQ Zoom 90MC camera's powerful 38-90mm lens, you can zoom out to take group pictures or zoom in to take intimate close-ups. For large group scenes, or to capture an entire landscape, you can switch to panorama mode--at any time or frame. Its multipattern metering accurately measures the available light of your surroundings, even in unusual lighting conditions, to give you properly exposed images.

The IQ Zoom 90MC camera has an easy-to-read LCD instruction panel, ensuring that you always know what your current settings are, including the optional time/date stamp; you can switch between "Year-Month-Day," "Month-Day-Year," "Day-Month-Year," "Day-Hour-Minute," or leave it blank. This camera's protective front cover also acts to turn the power on and off. The fail-safe film loading guarantees against improper loading.

Used, Tested and comes with a 15 Day Warranty.