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Olympus OM10 Chrome 35mm Camera w/ 50mm Lens

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Body Serial No: 847198

Lens Serial No: 2646764

Tested and in good working condition. Battery tested and working. Comes with original strap and Olympus OM-System Zuiko MC Auto-S f1.8 50mm Lens with metal screw in lens cap. 


The Olympus OM10 is a manual focus 35mm film SLR camera and part of the classic Olympus OM system.  The OM10 was the fist in a new series of more economical two digit OM system cameras.  Not all photographers need as robust a feature set as the single digit line of OM-# cameras like the OM-2n.  By keeping only the core capabilities most users need the OM10 is a more affordable camera that still takes great pictures with the same set of lenses.  Since most photographers follow a cameras light meter the OM10 is designed primarily to be used as an Aperture Priority auto-exposure camera where the user sets the lens aperture and the camera automatically sets the corresponding shutter speed recommended by the built-in light meter.  Users looking for manual shutter speed control can purchase a separate plug-in Manual Adapter dial.  The OM10 also features TTL-OTF (Through The Lens Off The Film) real time metering of both ambient and flash (requires a compatible flash unit like the T20 & T32).  Selecting the Manual Adapter mode on the OM10 without the Manual Adapter attached sets the shutter speed to 1/60th of a second (which is also the top X-Sync speed).

The OM10 was originally introduced in 1979.  In 1983 Olympus introduced a step up, the Olympus OM20.  A version of the OM10 with a date back was also made, called the OM10 Quartz.  The OM10 was also sold in a 'FC' version in North America that came packaged with the manual adapter.  Also available in Black.

Key Features

  • 35mm film SLR
  • Uses Olympus OM-mount interchangeable lenses
  • Fixed microprism/split image matte focusing screen
  • 93% viewfinder coverage
  • Center-weighted TTL-OTF light & flash metering
  • Aperture Priority exposure mode only
  • Electronically timed shutter, stepless speeds from 1/1000th to 2 seconds
  • 2 stops of Exposure compensation in 1/3 stop increments
  • B (Bulb) long exposure and 1/60 X sync (Manual Adapter Mode)
  • LED metering display with power saving auto-off
  • 1/60th sec flash sync when set to Manual Adapter mode
  • Built-in TTL hotshoe
  • 12 second electronic self-timer
  • Audible warning indicators
  • Requires two SR44/LR44 type batteries
  • Fairly compact, weighs just 15.9oz


Available accessories include: Olympus Winder 2, Olympus Steady Grip Type 1 & 2, Olympus T Series flash units, OM Mount Zuiko lenses, your favorite 35mm film.

Brand Name OLYMPUS
Film Type 35MM ROLL