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Minolta XD 11 with MD 50mm f/1.2

by Minolta
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The Minolta XD11 is a magnificent manual focus camera, and a tribute to what engineers were able to create prior to the start of the “disposable plastic” era. The camera was released as the XD11 in the North American market, but as with many of the Minolta models it had different designations in other markets, being known as the XD7 in Europe and the XD in Japan.

The camera was developed by Minolta in conjunction with Leica, and the body became the basis for the Leica R4, and later, as the chassis for the the Leica R5, R6 and R7. Leica introduced a more advanced metering system into the body (including spot metering), but most of the other features of the camera are evident in both bodies.

When the XD11 was released in 1977 it was the top of the line Minolta camera of its era, with the exception of the XK Motor, a motorised version of the 1972 XK camera. The XK Motor was a professional model released in 1976, and was only sold in very small numbers. The XD11 was highly praised by critics of the time, and is still regarded by many to be the best manual focus body made by Minolta.