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Minolta X-570 SLR with 50mm f/1.7 lens S#9090421

by Minolta
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Serial: #9090421 (Camera), #9457492 (Lens)

Camera Condition:

  • Body: 85% excellent condition
  • Viewfinder: Clean
  • Focusing Screen: Light Dust present (cosmetic, doesn't affect image quality)
  • Recently Cleaned, Lubricated, and Adjusted (CLA)
  • Fresh light seals for optimal performance

Lens Condition:

  • 50mm MD 1.7 lens
  • Excellent condition, scratch-free

Unlock Creative Freedom with the Minolta X-570

Delve into the realm of creative possibilities with the Minolta X-570 film camera, complemented by an exceptional 50mm MD lens. This duo captures moments with authenticity and precision, inviting you to embark on a visual journey.

Embrace Creative Exploration

The Minolta X-570 invites you to embrace the joy of creative exploration. As a versatile tool, it provides both newcomers and seasoned photographers with the freedom to craft visual narratives that resonate.

Crafted for Excellence

The Minolta X-570 is a testament to craftsmanship and convenience. Its core controls – aperture, shutter speed, and focus – empower you to capture the essence of your subjects with precision and artistry.

Camera Features:

  • Minolta X-570 film camera
  • Versatility meets modern convenience
  • Manual focus for creative finesse
  • Mechanical reliability with contemporary features
  • Ideal for photographers at all levels

Lens Features:

  • 50mm MD 1.7 lens
  • Captivating imagery with precision
  • Exceptional optical condition, scratch-free


  • Minolta X-570 Film Camera (#9090421)
  • Exceptional 50mm MD 1.7 Lens (#9457492)

Embark on a journey of visual exploration. Capture moments that resonate with authenticity and creativity using the Minolta X-570 and its remarkable 50mm MD lens.