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Minolta X-370 with Minolta MC Rokkor PF 50mm F/1.7 Lens

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Serial: #8583491 (Camera), #2052965 (Lens)

Camera Condition:

  • Body: 90% excellent condition
  • Viewfinder: Clean
  • Focusing Screen: Clean
  • Recently Cleaned, Lubricated, and Adjusted (CLA)
  • Fresh light seals for optimal performance

Lens Condition:

  • MC Rokkor f 1.7 50mm lens
  • Excellent condition, scratch-free

Step into the World of Photography with the Minolta X-370

Step into the captivating world of photography with the Minolta X-370 film camera, coupled with an exceptional MC Rokkor lens. This dynamic duo captures moments with precision and authenticity, inviting you to embrace the art of visual storytelling.

Elegance in Simplicity

The Minolta X-370 embodies the elegance of simplicity. It offers a harmonious blend of classic design and modern convenience, providing you with the tools to explore your creative vision.

Crafted for Excellence

The Minolta X-370 boasts a solid build that stands the test of time. Its core controls – aperture, shutter speed, and focus – empower you to capture the essence of your subjects with finesse and authenticity.

Camera Features:

  • Minolta X-370 film camera
  • Vintage aesthetics meet modern versatility
  • Manual focus for creative finesse
  • Mechanical reliability with contemporary features
  • Ideal for photographers at all skill levels

Lens Features:

  • MC Rokkor f 1.7 55mm lens
  • Captivating imagery with precision
  • Excellent optical condition, scratch-free


  • Minolta X-370 Film Camera 
  • Exceptional MC Rokkor f 1.7 50mm Lens

Elevate your photography to new heights. Capture moments that resonate with authenticity and creativity using the Minolta X-370 and its remarkable MC Rokkor lens.