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Leica M5 - 35mm Rangefinder

by Leica
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Leica M5 Rangefinder camera, introduced in 1971, is renowned as the advanced camera that represented the pinnacle of a matured technology. The M5 was the first Leica M series with TTL metering. If offers the largest and most convenient shutter speed dial in the M series that is adjustable without removing the camera from your eye. Additional features include 3 lugs, bright viewfinder, quiet and vibration free, mechanical self timer and an array of high performance interchangeable lenses. Its retractable, folding rewind crank is conveniently located on the base plate for faster use.

Additional Details:

  • Frame lines for: 35/135, 50 and 90 mm focal lenghts

  • Leica M mount

  • TTL metering