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Edward Weston - Aperture Masters of Photography #7

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Book Overview

A towering figure in twentieth-century photography, Edward Weston sought to lead viewers to "see through their eyes, not with them." His restless quest for beauty and the mystical presence behind it created a body of work unrivaled in the medium. This book offers Weston masterpieces spanning more than four decades. Included are his early Pictorialist images, industrial studies of Armco Steel, portraits from his Mexican period, the still lifes and landscapes of the 1930s and the sometimes acerbic images of the later years. R.H. Cravens's essay draws upon Weston's writings and recollections by sons, lovers and friends. What emerges is the profile of "a thoroughly American genius--courageous, pure, troubled, unorthodox and utterly sure of its purpose." This description may be from another edition of this product.