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XP2 Super 400 Ilford - 35 mm 36 EXP

by Ilford
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Filmtype: Black&White (C-41)
Film Format: 35 mm
Speed: ISO 400/27°
Length: 36 Exposures


Light sensitivity: 400 ASA

Highly sensitive monochromatic color-process film for B/W photos. This film is not a true S/W film and must be processed in C-41 chemicals.

As a result it has a unique "color-grain" look. The negative is violet-red instead of transparent, which can lead to problems when working with multi-grade papers. All-in-all it is very fine grained and low-contrast. The contrast here can't really be changed, since one doesn't typically develop the photos himself. But it is a good, reliable film, fine-grained and with good image quality.