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Nikon Speedlight SB-26 Flash

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SB26: (1995). Similar to SB25 with all the same functions plus it was designed to take advantage of new 3D matrix metering features of the N90s (also N90 and N70) when used with D type lenses. NEW features include: 3D Multi-Sensor balanced fill flash, Monitor Pre- flash, built-in wide-angle adapter for 18mm lens coverage, built-in diffuser card for bounce flash, wireless capability when using multiple flash, and delay mode for TTL control of main flash when using multiple flash. Main features: Matrix or center weighted TTL pattern, matrix balanced or center weighted fill flash, first or second curtain flash sync, auto zoom head position for coverage from 24mm to 85mm, repeating flash, LCD panel, flash head tilts up and swivels for bounce lighting. AF-assist Illuminator for focusing in dim light. In Auto mode there are 6 settings from f/2 to f/11 at ISO 100 as well as Manual settings from full to 1/64 power in 1/3 steps. Optional external battery packs SD-7 (C-cell), SD-8 (AA). SC-17 cord for off camera TTL operation.

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