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TIME 35mm Film Camera W/ Lavec Optical 50mm Prime Glass Lens

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This TIME camera was a promotional gift that TIME Magazine gave to their members back in the late 80s and early nineties. The camera is made out of plastic, but has a real glass optics. Single-element Lavec Optical glass lens is being of better quality, yielding sharp photos.

The camera has 50mm lens and gives you endless possibilities to take some real hispter’s pictures. That kind of cinematic retro pictures many people trying to get with expensive cameras. The functional hot shoe and choice of apertures also raises the Time camera slightly above the level of the typical point’n’shoot cameras.

This camera is a simplistic gadget that has no electric parts, everything is manual and depends of the film is used. It allows double exposures and experimentation. It is a very manual camera and features an easy setting for aperture, fixed focus at f/6 and a 50mm lens as they describe on a sticker that's in front of the lens.

Today the Time Magazine camera has been adopted by many artists and hipster photographers that in some cases manage to develop really interesting images.

This authentic camera in good condition could be the best Holiday Gift because this is an original vintage gadget operating conditions.