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Canon EOS Rebel T2

by Canon
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Serial no. (21)05003980

The EOS Rebel T2 brings together everything you want in a 35mm camera. It has the latest automation, a "souped-up" selection of powerful features, expanded shooting modes and state-of-the-art E-TTL II autoflash. It's what makes the Rebel T2 the most advanced SLR in its class. A masterpiece of form and function, its luxurious design is both lightweight and ergonomic to make it truly user friendly. See for yourself, why the Rebel T2 is a camera that will change your expectations.

Fully Automatic 35mm Autofocus SLR
The Rebel T2 gives you a full package of highly sophisticated automatic features that let you tackle even the toughest photographic situations - fearlessly. From the Mode Dial, simply select the Image Zone setting that matches your scene and the Rebel T2 automatically picks the optimal settings. Or choose Creative Zone settings for complete manual control.

7-point High-Speed, Wide-Area Selectable AF with Advanced 35-zone Metering
The Rebel T2 superimposes seven focusing points across the viewfinder for tack sharp focus automatically - even when your subject is off center. Or set your own focusing point using the Cross-Key AF Point Selector. You can also choose from three Autofocus Modes - One-Shot AF, AI Focus AF and AI Servo AF - to handle a wide range of subjects and environments with superior precision. The Rebel T2 also gives you the fastest shutter speed in its class - 1/4000 second so you can shoot as rapidly as life demands.

To deliver the perfect exposure that makes unforgettable pictures, the Rebel T2 also has a 35-zone metering system. It's linked to the seven autofocus points so even when you're confronted with complex conditions, like backlight, you'll get superb pictures. To further refine exposure settings, there's an Orientation Detection Sensor that automatically determines the position of the earth and sky in your photo and makes the appropriate adjustments.

Ergonomic Design with Secure Grip, Cross-Key Selector and Large Backlit LCD
Comfort counts when you're shooting. So the Rebel T2 was equipped with a secure grip made for one-handed operation. Better still, the Shutter Button, Main and Mode Dials, LCD Panel Buttons and the Cross-Key AF Point Selector are all within easy reach. You can even check the camera status in the dark, thanks to the backlit, oversized LCD panel.

Safety Shutter-Release Lock and Camera Shake Warning
When shooting is action-packed, it's not always easy to keep track of all the essentials. That's where the Rebel T2 shines. Its Safety Shutter-release Lock prevents you from shooting if you forget to load film or there is no lens attached. There's also a Camera Shake Warning that sounds when shutter speed is too slow to give you the pictures you want.

Advanced E-TTL II Autoflash and Enhanced Built-in Flash
Equipped with an extra-powerful, super-bright built-in flash and the very latest E-TTL II flash technology, the Rebel T2 delivers new flash precision. Using distance-based information, the new E-TTL II flash metering system automatically analyzes your scene and adjusts for variations in brightness, reflections and framing. This gives your pictures the true-to-life, even illumination that sets them apart from ordinary snapshots.

Includes EF 28-90mm f/4-5.6 III USM lens
Canon's EF 28-90mm f/4-5.6 III lens provides the fastest auto-focus speeds in its class. A lightweight, compact, standard zoom lens with a 58mm filter size. The EF 28-90mm f/4-5.6 III contains an auto-focus drive pattern optimized to achieve class-leading auto-focus speeds and features new distance metering information for compatibility with E-TTL II flash systems. High image quality is ensured throughout the focal length range by the use of an aspherical element in one of the lens groups. Only lead-free glass is used for the optics within the lens.

Compatible with Most EOS System Accessories
The advanced design and superior quality of Canon's internationally acclaimed EF Lenses mean that they can keep pace with your ever-advancing photographic skills. Engineered for maximum compatibility, the EF Lenses work seamlessly with the on-board systems of both the EOS Rebel and EOS Digital Rebel cameras. To provide you with a full range of creative possibilities, Canon has created over 50 EF Lenses - from 14mm to 600mm - to meet your needs.