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120 Medium Format Panther Air 100 Daylight Color Negative or Positive Film

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Introducing our new film stock: Respooled from Aerocolor 2460 photographic film, this gem offers fine grain and low noise for stunning shots. With medium saturation and contrast, it's a versatile option for various scenes. Daylight balanced and perfect for outdoor shooting. Embrace the 120 color negative format and explore its ISO 100 capabilities. Process in C-41 or cross-process in E6 for vibrant slide film. Kindly note that some scanners may not detect sprocket holes or might render a red tone when processing as E-6. Easily corrected through home scanning or professional lab services.

Things To Know:

  • We practice sustainable film spooling by reusing backing paper from various manufacturers.
  • The reused backing paper does not indicate the use of that manufacturer's film; it's solely for spooling purposes.
  • Our eco-friendly approach contributes to a greener film production process.

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