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Minolta AF-Tele 35mm Point & Shoot Camera

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Dual-lensed compact auto-focus camera launched by Minolta in 1985, offering 38 mm and 60 mm focal lengths. Focal length is chosen by a switch on the side of the lens, which also opens and closes the lens barrier. Unlike many other compact cameras, it supports screw-on filters with a 46 mm thread. It was followed by the Minolta AF-Tele Super.


  • Wide angle: 38 mm f/2,8 (4 elements, 3 groups).
  • Tele: 60 mm f/4,3 (7 elements, 5 groups).
  • Built-in flash, automatic with fill-flash button.
  • Flash range (at ISO 100): 0,8—5,5 m (wide angle); 0,8—4 m (tele). Warns if subject is out of range.
  • DX decoding from ISO 25 to ISO 1600, non-DX films are exposed as ISO 100.
  • Metering: EV 8.4~18,5 (wide), EV 9.6~19,7 (tele) with ISO100 film. Narrow light metering angle.
  • Power: Panasonic BR-P2/Duracell DL 223A 6V lithium battery or 2xAA batteries.