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Yashica 44 LM 127 Film "as is"

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The 44 LM is a more elaborate version of the 44, with a selenium-cell light meter and a greatly-restyled appearance to the camera. It has the Copal-SV shutter of the 44, and the bayonet for lens attachments. Whereas on the other two models, the shutter speed and aperture are set with controls at the rim of the shutter unit, The 44LM has a small knurled thumb-wheel for each (the shutter speed control is the right-hand wheel) with the setting shown in a window at the top (visible and adjustable with the camera in the normal photographing position). The 44 LM has knob wind, but with automatic frame spacing (again, once frame 1 is set with the red window).

Yashica also upgraded the lens to a 4-element Tessar-type 60mm f/3.5 Yashinon. There is a dial to interpret the meter reading in the face of the film advance knob. A variant of this model may have appeared in some markets under the name Yashica Auto 44.

This camera takes 127 film which we Do NOT have but it can also be converted to shoot 35mm film, which is pretty cool.