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Nikon Nikkor AI 15mm f5.6

by Nikon
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First produced in March of 1973, this Nikon 15mm f5.6 Nikkor QD-C lens was the widest angle non-fisheye lens built by Nikon at the time.  This super wide angle lens has a field of view of 110 degrees with an aperture scale running from f5.6 to f22.  It has a minimum focus distances of 30cm (1 foot) and has a built-in rigid hood to protect it’s bulbous front element.  This 15mm f5.6 Nikkor QD-C lens features four built-in filters: L1A (skylight), Y48 (yellow), O56 (orange), and R60 (red).

This lens is the AI variant and is therefore compatible with Nikon SLRs cameras that mount AI lenses.

This lens is clean and ready to use. It comes with original Nikon metal front cap and back cap. 

Clean Glass , no scratches, 8 stars out of 10